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Comments from Customers of our Negotiation Games and Software

"Negotiator Pro games are a vital component in my MBA classes - the tudents are engaged and leave with a shared vocabulary and greatly enhanced group problem solving skills from the different scenarios that are very "real" to my class. The negotiation simulations are an interesting way for students to experience "hands on " application learning. I even use the games results towards the students final grade, which makes the negotiations themselves more "real" and certainly more lively." Frances Edwards, J.D., Clemson University"

Bob, Thank you so much for coming, and all of your help again this year with the role-play activity! I appreciate all of the time and effort that I know goes into a project like this. The kids continued to refer to it for the rest of the retreat, so I know that it left some impact which was the whole point. One other thing the kids mentioned as a suggestion, was that the "point" thing was really motivating for them and helped them to understand their goals better, was there a way to highlight this more? I asked them to clarify and they said that more time to "get in to the character", as well as, the point thing----helped them the most on that paper. I'm not sure if this helps, or even makes sense but I thought that I would pass this along. Take care. God Bless.---Jana O'Connell

Order: 607 Rating: Excellent

Order: 591 Rating: Excellent

Comments: When I first ordered a file from Negotiator Pro I did not receive it and became frustrated. In my attempts to track down what had happened I came across the Yahoo feedback site and submitted a negative rating. At that time I had made NO attempt to contact Negotiator Pro directly. Subsequently I have received several e-mails and phone calls from Dan Burnstein at Negotiator Pro in an attempt to resolve my problems. As a result of our discussions the technical problems that had interfered with my purchase have been resolved completetly to my satisfaction and I have the material I ordered. I wish to emphsize that Mr. Burnstein has gone out of his way to resolve my concerns, in fact I am certain that he has spent far more than the purchase price of $12.95 in an effort to ensure my customer satisfaction. I wish to apologize for my initial complaint, it was premature and without basis. Please pass these comments on to Mr. Burnstein and Negotiator Pro. Wayne Beaupre

Order: 562 Rating: Excellent Comments: I had a problem and they were very responsive and helpful in resolving the matter.

Order: 559 Rating: Excellent Comments: I am writing to praise your Buyer-Seller simulation role play and tell you how I was able to use it to enhance a training module I recently implemented for sales reps and buyers within my company. As I was preparing for a focus group on a Basic Negotiation Training module a few weeks ago, I was troubled by the feeling that I didn't have anything to tie the concepts I was teaching to real world applications. About three hours before the focus group was to begin, I decided to download the "Buyer-Seller" simulation from your website and give it a look. I was impressed and used it as a practical application exercise at the end of the lecture portion of the module. The trainees found it extremely enjoyable and found the review part of the exercise to be very constructive and a good way reinforce what was taught. I have received several compliments on the simulation and continue to use it in my training program. Thank you for providing such a high-quality and reasonably priced item to the world of corporate trainers!


I just finished with the meeting with the faculty. We'll be using the family vacation exercise in class tomorrow. I'll report out on how that goes. I believe a couple of the faculty will be visiting your website soon--the public admin and marriage and family therapy ones. I'm happy for you to use my letter, document, or name in any way that will help you.


At 11:07 AM 4/27/2001 -0400, you wrote: Wow. You have put a lot of energy and thought into your email and assemblying a short overview document. Thanks a lot for the feedback! I am glad things worked out. Would you consider giving us permission to post your letter and document on a webpage we are building that will contain user comments? Good luck and thanks again,

Dan Burnstein

cc: Bob Burdick

Harold Kurstedt wrote:


I'm the person from Virginia Tech who had so much trouble getting your games downloaded from the website. I want to thank you for all your effort and help.

I used the family vacation game in my workshop with NORTEL instead of the buy and sell game that I expected to use. My wife, who collaborates with me on these workshops, advised that this group would be most in tune with the family vacation game. I had 10 people in the group and used two to help keep track of what went on among the other eight who were playing roles. The exercise was well received and accomplished what I wanted. We spent a little over an hour on the exercise, but I tried to make that time more effective by reviewing the attached document in the session and sending the participants home overnight with your negotiation tips and their individual cards for playing the game.

In the attached document, I took your ideas directly from your website and made, I believe, very minor changes. Please let me know how you feel about the document. I put your names at the top, which you may or may not like. I don't like people to adjust my ideas and either take credit for that or say the adjusted ideas are mine. So, I try to indicate that the ideas are yours and I've adjusted them. Since I intend to use your games more in the future, I want to make sure I'm faithful to your total concepts.

I'm meeting with several faculty here at Virginia Tech to prepare for tomorrow's class in Improving Human Relationships in the Workplace. We teach the class on Saturdays because we can schedule an eight-hour day and do exercises like your negotiation games. In the past, we've used our own exercise based on Getting to Yes. In this meeting, I'll propose we use one of the games I have from you and teach your seven step process. These faculty are in our Public Administration, Adult Education, and Marriage and Family Development departments.

I'll soon order a few more games to give me some range to align with the particular audience I'm dealing with. I do presentations and workshops with corporations and government agencies on an average of two-to-three a month. I think I'll get one of the escaping or surviving games next. I now have buy and sell, family vacation, grandma's things, and staying married. Do you recommend a game that you find works well?


Harold Kurstedt

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