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There are six games for use by undergraduate and graduate programs, psychologists, social and case workers, law schools, and business schools. The games teach skills in group problem-solving, leadership, mediation, and negotiation.

----- Planning the Family Vacation ----- A great game to tease out family dynamics and how each member can influence the outcome of a negotiation in positive and negative ways; the game has roles for the mother, father, teenagers, pre-teens, and pet; in addition to public information, everyone has secret facts.

----- Dividing Grandma's Things ----- A semi-dysfunctional family decides how to divide up grandmother's estate; as always there are interesting secret facts and multitudinous reasons for everyone to cooperate or to self-destruct in bitter recriminations.

----- Getting Divorced ----- While these people would normally not be in the same room together, through the miracle of role-play simulations and our active fantasy world, they all meet to explore the more efficient ways to handle a looming divorce; the husband, wife, other woman, mother of the wife, best friends, and children try to resolve the difficult issues.

----- Staying Married ----- How the rocky road of a marriage can be smoothed by the concerted efforts of the wife, husband, children, best friends, and others.

----- Planning Dad's Future ----- How the children, grandchildren, a social worker, and lawyer can help grandfather make the best decision while he is experiencing declining mental faculties.

----- Saving Romeo and Juliet ----- How two families and various authorities can best problem-solve to keep two star-crossed lovers from wreaking havoc on themselves, their relatives, and the community at-large.

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