Hunting for Buried Treaure (Single Copy)

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Hunting For Buried Treasure involves a proposal by a treasure hunter who wishes to act on one or more treasure maps that s/he believes to be reliable. S/he needs the agreement of the Insurance Company that paid off on the lost treasure, the Governor who is facing a tough election, the Heirs of the Pirate who stole the treasure and made the map, the Residents of the island, an Environmental Group, a Federal Agency, and a Developer from the next island. This is a classic clash of conflicting interests over the best way to manage natural resources. This game teaches the importance of long-term planning to solve difficult, short-term problems. It also illustrates the different kinds of claims of legitimacy that may be available to the parties to recover their fair share of the treasure. The players have Secrets cards that flesh out their roles which include the professional treasure hunter whose pirate map reveals eleven possible buried treasures on the island; the governor of the state which owns the island; the inhabitants' association representing those who live on the island; the inhabitant heirs of the pirate who claim an ownership interest in the treasure; the environmentalists; the developers' association from a neighboring, developed island, the federal agency responsible for regulating coastal lands, an an environmental organization dedicated to preserving natural habitats, and the developer of a neighboring island who has built a hotel complex and has unique problems and capacities.