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We offer free technical support for the software and role-plays:
9:30AM-5:30PM EST.

Payment is by credit card, check or PayPal (account npro60@gmail.com)


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Call us between 9:30-5:30 EST. We look forward to assisting you in providing custom and off-the-shelf software and games.

Who we are

Prof. Robert Burdick, is on the faculty of Boston University Law School, and is a lecturer at Tufts University Department of Environmental and Urban Planning, as well as Northeastern University's School of Law.

Dan Burnstein, Esq., Has been an adjunct professor at Gibbs College, a lecturer at Clark University in the graduate COPACE program and the director of the Harvard Videodisk Project. He served for one year as an Associate of the Harvard Program on Negotiation.

Burdick and Burnstein create custom and off-the-shelf games and software. The games can be delivered with hard copy or online.

Where the simulations are used

Our simulations have been used as corporate training exercises, middle and high school leadership and communications trainings, church and temple religous school excercises, non-profit membership communications training tools, fundraisers for community organizations, practical and highly efficient training for advocacy groups, and useful sales training exercises.

Seminars We present custom training for businesses and law offices. Contact us at 727-657-0089 for more information on these 1-3 day programs. We can create a training program with pre- and post- tests, tailored exercises and software that will reinforce the training experience.