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ICGPARTNERS ICG Partners Blog is a place to read comments on the various conflicts of the day, stakeholders and interests. Negotiator Pro Co. may not agree with everything at this website but the analysis is of interest to everyone.

For more training games Training Games

The Negotiating Table is an organization that provides dispute resolution and training services to businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and individuals.

The Negotiating Table One Broadway, Suite 600 Cambridge, MA 02142 Tel: (617) 577-0101 Fax: (617) 577-1209 Email: moshe@negotiatingtable.com WWW: www.negotiatingtable.com For information on this seminar and all of the services offered by The Negotiating Table, visit Negotiating Table

SmartSettle has a unique and sophisticated system for multi-party and multi-issue online dispute resolution. Take a look at SmartSettle online dispute resolution.

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General Negotiation Skills and Your Goals At Work

Employment information and links from a recent Jesse Berst article: Managing Your Career.
Career tips by Ron Fox, Esq., at FindLaw.

The role personality plays in our life and our negotiations.

INFORMATION BARGAINING from A Practical Guide To Negotiation, 1996 by NITA, CHAPTER 6, Having established the agenda, the negotiation typically moves into an exchange of information stage. This stage of the negotiation requires you to ask yourself: 1) what information do you need to seek; 2) what information do you want to disclose; and 3) what information do you want to hide?

International Law

List of useful international law links from FindLaw.

Links on Sources on comparitive industrial relations (Work, Employment and Society).

Law Enforcement and Negotiaton

Texas Assoc. of Hostage Negotiators Texas Association of Hostage Negotiators assists negotiation professionals by providing training, conferences, and networking opportunities.

FBI paper on Crisis Intervention: Using Active Listening Skills in Negotiation

A critical view of the government's negotiations at Ruby Ridge negotiations.

Resolution of Prision Riots by Bert Useem, Camille Graham Camp, George M. Camp, and Renie Dugan Bert Useem, Ph.D., is Professor of Sociology at the University of New Mexico. Camille Graham Camp and George M. Camp, Ph.D., are Principals and Renie Dugan is a Research Associate at the Criminal Justice Institute. This study was performed under NIJ Grant 90-J-CX-0026.

Research and Online Journals and Magazines

Extensive listing of online legal journals from the wonderful hierosgamos.org website.

Negotation software and an interactive procedure for negotiation by: Tung X. Bui, The U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California 93943, Email: tbui@nps.navy.mil, and Melvin F. Shakun, Leonard Stern School of Business, New York University, 44 West 4th Street, New York, NY 10012-1126, USA, Email: mshakun@stern.nyu.edu

Online version of a law magazine of interest Law Journal Extra.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (it should be the norm!)

Great collection of Alternative Dispute Resolution web links created by Catalaw.

For information on how to draft dispute resolution clauses take a look at this page of the CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution in New York City.

An overview of Alternative Dispute Resolution links and definitions by Cornell Law School.

Pepperdine University School of Law reference links for dispute resolution and links for: Organizations, Associations, Services | University Resources, Court Services, Foreign/International Resources, Statutes and Rules, Journals and Newsletters, university programs, international disputes, and statutes.

Dispute resolution in the new health care industry; draft recommendations from the American Bar Association and the American Medical Association: ABA/AMA COMMISSION ON HEALTH CARE DISPUTE RESOLUTION, DRAFT FINAL REPORT, Issued: July 27, 1998.

General Legal Links

Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School A terrific source of legal references, current and internet related issues.

Federal and state law locators are found at the Villanova Center for Information.

A large number of U.S. government sites.

A site that covers many legal topics Hierosgamos.

(Thanks in part to Alan Perlman of The Electronic Lawyer whose tips are found in Law Technology News.)

Labor Relations

Smart teacher bargaining tips and tools from a union: the Nebraska State Education Association

Chapter 1 of management oriented text: The Mind and Heart of the Negotiator (Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice Hall), 1999 Leigh Thompson. All rights reserved. Published by J. L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University, Questions or comments? lthompson@nwu.edu

An detailed report of each day of multi-session college instructor's labor negotiation by Elton Hall, Chief Negotiator, Ventura County Federation of College Teachers


UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA Seminar: Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations IR 8037 Professor John W. Budd, Fall 1995, 551 Management & Economics, 624-0357 This course will examine research questions and techniques in collective bargaining. Most of the course will focus on the empirical microeconomic analysis of research questions in collective bargaining. However, contributions from other disciplines and contributions using different research techniques will also be explored. Note that this class is intended as one part of a two-part sequence. This course focuses on bargaining, strikes, and dispute resolution. Modeling union behavior, union wage determination, productivity effects, union membership, and other topics are left to the subsequent offering of this course. http://www.csom.umn.edu/wwwpages/faculty/jbudd/courses/ir8807.htm

Ron Surrat's link collection

A Drafter's Guide to CPR Dispute Resolution Clauses

Lex Mundi College of Mediators - Mediation Agreement Form

Appendix B: CPR Model Mediation Agreement: Europe

Mediation Agreement

Mediation Clauses and Rules

Court-Annexed Mediation Agreement

Model Mediation Agreement for Business Disputes in Europe -- Commentary

You may also be interested at some articles that discuss some tips and pitfalls:

Mediation, Arbitration & Exp. Arb Rules

Mediation Pitfalls and Obstacles

Negotiation Styles in Mediation

The Mediator

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