<EM>Negotiator Pro 5.0 International</EM> <BR>
Expanded hypertext and international profiles <br>
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(Windows XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, 95, 3.1 compatible)

This new version 5.0 International of Negotiator Pro rewrites hypertext of Version 4.73 and it adds 200 new hypertext topics for a total of 700 mini-tutorials on: 1. Newer negotiaton books and articles, 2. Hypertext content that supports the systems approach of the Burdick and Burnstein role play simulations, 3. Additional international negotiation material including SPECIFIC NEW COUNTRY profiles of Asian, Eastern European, and Middle Eastern negotiation styles.

This upgrade to Negotiator Pro has a choice of 7, 10, or 35 questions to cover any bases you need to cover in any type of negotiation. There are now some 700 mini-tutorials on negotiation, persuasion, communication, diversity, gender, foreign negotiation styles, personal styles, games, theory, strategy, and over 50 tactics. Another new feature is the addition of approximately 1000 hand built hypertext links between the 700 topics so that now almost every topic leads to other related topics.

CREATE your own checklists of questions to help you prepare for any type of negotiation you undertake on a regular basis.

Never again forget that deals over $100,000 terms must be approved by that pain-in-the-neck on the 3rd floor! And, if that next negotiation will determine where your career is headed, the price is actually quite inexpensive for helping you get where you deserve to go. Use this powerful tool to make your next negotiation more persuassive, creative, and confident.


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