Oil & Gas Module

Who wrote this software case study?

The Oil and Gas module is an add-on product to Negotiator Pro. It was created by lawyer-CPA Lawrence Elkus. After 15 years of structuring oil and gas deals with a careful eye towards the deal, the estate, and the tax consequences, Elkus is a leading oil and gas negotiatior. Larry Elkus has represented independent oil and gas companies in Texas, Oklahoma, California, and elsewhere. Now you can share his knowledge by purchasing the Oil and Gas add-on module to Negotiator Pro software. Inquire about the special spreadsheet option. In this extensive case study you can learn how to structure an oil and gas deal to share the risks and the returns. Learn from a pro, do your next oil and gas deal with supreme confidence.

Add-On Modules Require Negotiator Pro Software To Run

This product requires you to own Negotiator Pro software. Simply copy the add-on case study into your Negotiator Pro directory and you are ready to use it as a model negotiation that you can modify to fit your business needs.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day