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Software to help you prepare for any negotiation

Negotiator Pro Co. publishes performance support software to enhance your negotiation, group problem solving and leadership skills. Enhanced over the past eight years, there are versions that run on MS-Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT and XP. There is an older/reduced price version for the Mac. This software allows the user to learn about his/her style, measure your negotiation smarts, AND prepare for real world negotiations. What others have written about Negotiator Pro:

What are people saying about this software?

"Burnstein's Negotiator Pro draws on his 20 years of experience as a lawyer and more than 200 books and articles on the subject of negotiating."
Inc. Technology

"Surprise! Software to help you manage. These programs simplify life by making it easier to ... negotiate with your top supplier." Fortune

"For face-to-face talks, ask your machine first. An expert system on the science of negotiating - relying, in part, on Carl Jung." Peter Lewis, The New York Times

"The structure Negotiator Pro imposed on my usual seat-of -the-pants approach was its most helpful feature...this time I won't waiver. This time I have Negotiator Pro on my team." Pamela Kelley, Inc.

Negotiator Pro  Version PE (New)
Negotiator Pro Version PE (New)

Negotiator Pro  Version 5.0 (New)
Negotiator Pro Version 5.0 (New)

Mac version (older/reduced price)