On-site Training

Our certified training team can go on site to your location. Whether you desire negotiations, communications, leadership, or group problem-solving skill enhancement, we can dramatically improve your team's abilities, create a shared vocabulary, and give staff practical methods that result in better solutions for the group, and each individual. Our certified trainers offer 1/2 day, 1 day, 2 day, and 3 day training packages.

Our games and software help turn unconscious competents and incompetents into conscious competents. If you want your students or staff to have the following skills, consider using Negotiator Pro products: 1. Efficient group problem-solving 2. Effective conflict management 3. Strong negotiation skills 4. Agenda setting skills 5. Ethical deal making goals 6. Understanding interests vs. positions 7. An ability to undertake mutual gains bargaining 8. The desire, confidence, knowledge and skills to forge good agreements

Reasonable daily rates

Call us at 617-892-4536 or more information.

and see http://www.comcec.com/workshop/negotiate.htm