Simulations  Benefits to Trainers

We have developed some of the only scored role-play games that break down the group problem-solving tasks into cognitive 'chunks' to make the experience more explicit to participants. As a result, debriefing is more meaningful. And, the games provide an extremely easy format for handling large or small groups of 4-100 participants. Only one teacher or trainer is required to set up, run, and debrief the games. The games are easily to run because they are designed by experienced teachers and trainers. The games come with notes for teachers and trainers. They can be taught by either domain experts or by general trainers or they can be run by peers.

Because the skills are undertaken one at a time, it is easy for the participants to understand, immediately, what went well and what did not. When a number of volunteers discuss their experience, it is likely that this will cover the experiences of those who did not get a chance to discuss every aspect of their experience. This helps reinforce the learning in powerful ways.